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Thoughts on the Inauguration

Well, that was interesting.

No, that wasn't snark or irony - for the first time since I've been of voting age, I'm not working around the Inauguration (hey, I work nights; I'm not getting up in the middle of the day to watch).

The invocation by Pastor Rick Warren was beautiful. I have to admit a great personal distaste of the man, based on his stated beliefs and previous published bits that I've read. HOWEVER, he did a masterful job of leaving his beliefs out of his prayer, and simply asking for guidance and wisdom for our nation and its leaders. When asked to perform a service for the new president, he left his dogma at the door. Thanks Pastor Warren. You don't get a pass on future asshattery, but you've shown that you are more than just a fount of intolerance as you were accused.

Aretha Franklin singing 'My Country 'Tis of Thee' ...meh. I'm a huge fan of old Mowtown and R&B in general, and Aretha's voice in particular; but as a native Detroiter I have to say that the stunts she's pulled in the recent past leave me less than impressed with her character ...which should count for more than her talent.

Yo-yo Ma, Itzhak Pearlman, Gabriela Montero and Anthony McGill playing a piece written by John Williams for the Inauguration. What a beautiful piece, and wonderfully played.

President Obama's speech. Well said sir, well said. A plea for inclusion, a nod to the past, a reminder that we are strongest when we work together. I especially liked the bit about how the founding fathers gave us our liberties, and refused to curtail any of them for the sake of expedience in obtaining safety.
EDIT: Link to the speech courtesy of chris_warrior:

I'd guess we're off to a good start - our usually fractious country seems to be uniting behind our n00b president. Perhaps, with luck, it will stay that way long enough to accomplish some of the things he talks about (health care, infrastructure overhaul, clean energy) before we balkanize into our little clans again.
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