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Multiples of multiples roaming in my head (and in my life)

Well, I drank the Kool-Aid.

Yeah, I bought an Wii.

And Wii fit, too.

And now I'm hooked on the damn thing.  We're now taking Praying Mantis Kung-Fu, and the yoga-on-tap that Wii Fit offers is helping quite a bit with my flexability.  And while I've been back to the gym for several months now, the areobic workout that I can get from the Wii Fit is helping banish the pudge (don't laugh - I'm down from a high last summer of 235 to 219 as of this morning).  I'll grant that the workouts are pretty basic.  You choose a yoga pose and the digital trainer (who I refer to as Wil Wii-ton, 'cause I'm like that) talks you through it.  The balance board is pretty nifty, utilizing pressure sensors to determine how well you're maintaining your balance.  I feel like such a geek, though, gettign my workouts from a frakking video game console.  ...Oh, wait, I *AM* a geek.  nevermind.
In honor of my geekiness, I have stolen a meme from sirhc_warriorWhich five book characters are you most like (including, if you want, one of your own)?

1. Fred Weasley.  Inveterate smartass, occasional trouble maker, and above all else loyal to his friends and to himself.

2. Tanis, from The Dragonlance Chronicles: Oh, how I loathe having to lead (or manage) and be responsible for other people.  I'm fine with responsibility for myself, and while I have no problem with guiding other people to the right place to find their answers I'd honestly rather do things myself rather than have to manage (lead) a group.

3. Harry Dresden, from The Dresden Files (no, not the TV show, the books).  Bullheaded.  Too stubborn to walk away from a problem.   Often relying on force over subtlety.  Not bright enough to ask for help most of the time (just ask my wife, she'll tell you)

4. Skeeve, from Robert Asprin's Myth series.  Often clueless, frequently in the wrong place at the wrong time, regularly self-deprecating, and nearly always lucky enough to fumble his way to the right solution.

5. D'Artagnan.  Often too wrapped up in trying to do the 'right' thing.  Easily distraced by beautiful women and good wine.  Gets into fights (well, I used to anyway) far more often than is healty or wise.
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