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Wow. It's been a while, hasn't it?

So ...twelve weeks.  What's been going on with me for that time?  Well, I've fried my hard drive, had two massive viruses (one before the HD problem and one after).  Work's been kicking my ass - lost of crazy SOB's and even more psycho family members (I know all about the stresses they are under; there's still no reason to tell me 'I know people, you won't make it to your car tomorrow'). I need to renew 2 of my certifications before fall.  We have nine (count 'em 9) new hires starting in july ...and 4 good, proven nurses leaving.  They just hired a new mid-level manager ...who they fired 2 years ago - when she was a bedside nurse - becuase she was *this far* from completely useless.  Stress?  nah, not really.  We've still kept up with the Kung-fu and I'm still doing the MMA; trust me when I say that stepping into the cage and working full-tilt for several rounds is a great stress burner.  And I'm still going to the gym to run and lift.  I'm pleased to report that I'm down to 212, from a high last August of 235+.  I'm pretty pleased actually.

We've done a few things to the house too.  Spring landscaping, flowers in the beds, and a new lilac bush. All to the good.  I also installed screen doors on the front and side entrances.  And ripped out the old (32") front door and replaced it with a new (36") insulated steel door.  It makes a nice presentation on the front of the house will follow, I promise.  It was a bit of an adventure, but much easier than my worst imaginings would have had me believe.  And it's got a great paint job on it as well - tip for you, if you buy a new door don't pay to have it painted at the shop.  Buy a primered door (usually $150 to $300 cheaper that way) and go see the nice fellas at the local autobody shop.  My paint job cost me a weekend without a front door and $135.  And the color was *exactly* to my specifications ...both outside and a different color inside.  Pretty cool, that.

I'm looking forward to Sterling starting in a few weeks, and hopefully getting to see all of my 'faire friends' - both in-state and out.  Oh yeah, and once again with the Stanley Cup Finals going on, we're a house divided ....Pittsburgh Girl and Detroit Boy keep watching, cheering and trying to not resent the others' team successes.  GO WINGS!!!
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