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Life, in a nutshell

Well opening weekend was ...cold ...and empty (on Saturday, anyway).  Sunday was better, from both a weather perspective (I didn't need the cloak, always a bonus) and from a business standpoint (but not by much).  Here's hoping that it gets better.  The new location of the booth?  Yeah, not so good.

Yesterday, after over a week of not mowing because it was raining, I hacked my way through the jungle that surrounds the house.  Literally an all-day job.  I started at 9, finished around 3:30, but managed to get the mowing, triming, and some of the weeding done.  Man, that was some heavy-duty work; I suppose that will teach me to go do a silly thing like fertilize the lawn! 

The payoff for spending all day mowing?  I knew where all the ripe blackberries were.  So I started this morning picking them ...and ended up with 2 pints!  I guess the selective pruning of the bushes is helping them a bit (and I'm sure that the rain is too).  Last year we got almost no berries, so it's nice to have a bounty this time.  Perhaps I can talk my lovely wife into baking some muffins.  MMMMmmmmmmmm blackberry muffins!  So, fresh berries on teh cereal, and now to begin my favorite part of faire: 'Garblaundry'(tm)!
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