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red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme

What's new with us?  Well, there was a lot fo rehearsal packed into a *very* short time, promptly followed by a weekend long pirate festival.  It went very well, actually.  Considering that it was only the third time we (the group of crazies who act/sing/fight) have done this festival we did well.  Lots of compliments from people who weren't dressed funny (important), from the organizer (very important), and from a few hardcore reenactors who randomly showed up (niiice).  Links to pice will be posted once I have the links in question.

Also in the news, I did moer damage to my shoulder than had thought's now 2 weeks without a visit to the gym and I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms ...and since it's not improving, I'll be skipping MMA this week too.  Damnit!!

However, this weekend is the Rochester Irish Festival.  We (Kate and I) will be dancing as members of the Young School of Irish Dance on Sunday 9/13.  Interestingly enough, *last* Sunday was our 6th Anniversary ...which we spent acting like pirates.  We'll be going out for a nice dinner this weekend to make up for that!  At any rate, anybody who wants to come see us (and the rest of the adult dancers in the school) put on a bit of a show, we're on stage at 2pm on Sunday.
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