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slowly coming back

Well, the ankle (according to the doc and PT) is almost healed.  Still hurts if I move too fast, or too much, but at least I get to go back to work this week.  And in regards to that; I'm still waiting to see if my disability claim will be approved or denied.  Last week I got a call from the company that administers our claims, letting me know that my claim was goign to be denied 'because i wasn't off work long enough'.  WFT???  So I looked at my paperwork from the doc, and there were different dates on the two sets fo paperwork.  Lovely.  I'm hoping that their office can straighten this out - missing two weeks of work is bad; having to go without 2 weeks of pay will be that much worse.

However, the PT says that I can start to resume my normal activities this week.  So I can finally mow the lawn (it's been almost 3 weeks) and next week I'll start back to kung-fu.  Yay for being back to 'normal' (whatever *that* is)!

Oh, yeah, and my CD drive is dead, and it sounds like my sound card is going, too.  So much fun here :/
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