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life, and such

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21 November 1972
Hmmm, what about me? I'm 30-ish, i live in upstate NY, participate regularly in renaissance faires and this is my little corner of the web. I'm a burn/trauma nurse, a onetime martial artist, an ex-jock, a student of philosophy and human nature as observed under the stresses I see at work, and a utilizer of horrible puns whenever possible (really, don't get me started). Here you will find rants, social commentary, slice-of-life, stupid memes, and the odd bad joke -- whatever strikes my fancy at any given moment. Enjoy at your own risk.

Go check out http://www.questionablecontent.net/, http://www.giantitp.com/index.html, and for webcomic joy.

For top-notch hand forged sharp-and-pointy objects, check out http://www.atar.com/ - J. Hrisoulas is the Master of forged blades - Damascus and otherwise.

Yeah, I shill for the stuff I like ...what's it to you?
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