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this is from Lynie, who says I'm gold.

So the idea is, comment here and I will give you a color. Then, in your journal, list ten things you love that are that color.

1. My wedding band
2. oak leaves, in the fall
3. My friend Amy, who has awesome amber/gold eyes
4. bread, fesh out of the oven
5. the finish on new birch or maple
6. my cat's eyes: golden in the sun, jade at night
7. FFP: life-saving liquid gold.
8. Scotch (single malt usually, although Blue will do)
9. Cider
10. Golden, crispy, grilled chicken.
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Tourney recap

So the wrestling tournament is over (it was yesterday). I stopped posting run-up bits because they devolved into 'x' is what I ate today, 'y'is my workout plan, 'z' is how my weight is. BOOORING. (even to me). So I made my weight goal (weight class was 205, I was 203.5 at weigh-in), and I even felt good - the benefits of a relatively slow weight drop. Unfortunately I didn't win. My first match was against a wrestling coach from a local university - who happened to be 10 years younger than me and a former Division III National qualifier. Yeah, he was good - or at least much better than I was! Second match went much better, but with the same result. Another guy much younger, who does this regularly (just out of college, coaches at his HS) but I feel like I gave a good accounting of myself. I also feel that if I'm going to do this again I need better cardio - I could feel myself losing my wind early on. So, the plan is maintain nutrition, keep working out, and add more running to the routine ...I may also start playing raquetball with some people from work who have a regular game every week.

EDIT: Pics (such as I have) are up on fb.
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what kind of madness I'm up to ..

So, things have been busy around here. I'm training to compete in a wrestling tournament in March ...yeah, I know, crazy. I miss the competition sometimes, and I think this caught me in a moment of weakness ...or stupidity. So I'm back at gym 3-4 days a week, the dojo at least twice a week and watching what I eat ...because the top 2 weight classes are 205 and 265. No way I'm gong up agains the big boys - I'd get squeeshed like leetel bug; so I have to work my way bac to under 205. I was there last fall, right before I tore my ankle up and stopped working out for 3 months. So I started my program last week - this is probably going to evolve into a weekly update of how it's going. So far, pretty well. I've modified my gym routine to tone rather than build and cut my diet: portion sizes are about half of what they were, and snacks are but a fond memory. HOWEVER, I have managed to go from 217 last friday to 213.5 today. Not bad for the first week that I've been serious about it. Now I just have to keep it up for another 6 weeks (tourney day is March 27) and hope that I don't make a fool out of myself!
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Mourning, a bit

In the hustle and bustle of the past few days, I missed something that normally would have grabbed my attention and held it. Robert B. Parker, author of more than a few good modern-noir detective novels passed away. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/20/books/20parker.html

Nobody wrote like RBP, except the originals - Hammett and Chandler, mostly. His stories drew you in, made sense, had depth and heart. There aren't many like that anymore.
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...because I haven't in forever

it's the end of the year. class? i give you A MEME!!! please, to respond if you are so inclined. but don't be surprised if you don't get your response until NEXT YEAR!!!111! maybe even the next decade*.

If you respond to this, I will:

* 1. Tell you why I befriended you.

* 2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc.

* 3. Tell you something I like about you.

* 4. Tell you a memory I have of you.

* 5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.

* 6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours. (after some searching on my part)

Feel free to repost in your own journal if you like.
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Happy Holidays to all

Well, once again it's been a while since my last post. But hey, it's the holidays - busy times around here. More so this year than most, since I invited a my mom and her husband to visit. That turned into my mom, 2 of my aunts, and my neice visiting. They got here wednesday, and left this morning and (although stressful) we had a pretty good time. I got to spend 3 days cooking for people (and they actually liked it), 3 days of good conversations and friendship. Ok, it got really stressful on Christmas when we lost power for 2 1/2 hours in the middle of cooking dinner. But we got around that, used the burners on the stove (gotta love gas stoves) put the roasting pan with the ham inthe grill out on the deck and it was all good once the lights came back on!

Once again Kate and I spoiled each other - even after swearing that we were going to back it down a notch this year. She still got me a nano (yeah, I've never owned an ipod before), so I'm playing with that today ...and jeebus I have too much music :) It's taking forever to convert my files! But we also spoiled the heck out of my neice - 13, plays violin, bass (upright), and guitar, loves the beatles and classic rock - yeah, I like that kid. Kate went girly for her - Vera Bradley purse and such, but I went with music ...the beatles collection songbook and a book of Christmas sheet music. Why not feed the kid's muse?

Today will be a day to relax and eat leftovers ...and we'll be doing that for days due to the way we cooked!
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More troubles in paradise

Friday we had tickets for Anthony Bourdain. The man gives god value for his audience. 90 minutes of stream-of-consciousness patter, over an hour taking questions from the audience and a lot longer signing things for fans afterward. I knew I liked the guy, but now I'm positive: he's good people.

However, Saturday I woke up feeling a bit under the weather. Low-grade temp, cough with lovely yellow chunks. Meh. So I huddled on the couch in sweats and my bathrobe. By noon the 'low-grade' temp was up to 101, and I was asleep with the heating pad cranked up and the down comforter on. By sunday morning I was living on NyQuil and tea, and wasn't even hungry ...I got up for a wonderful breakfast my lovely wife made for me, had 3 bites and went back to bed for 2 hours, completely worn out. This morning the fever was down to 100.3, so i got in to see my doc - it's a "species of flu" thanks doc, that's a polite way of telling me I'm one with the pig - the only 'species' of flu currently active is H1N1, so that kinda rules out anythign else! However, I'm over the 48 hour mark, so I can't benefit from tamiflu, so I'm just keeping up with mucinex and fluids. And let me tell you, my boss is so happy to hear that after calling in all weekend I may call in this week too.

So what a wonderful way to spend my birthday!
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it's been a busy time

I've mostly been doing a lot of work (at home and at work) with more Irish dance than usual and a lot of MMA. The dance time has been increased because once again we've been invited to represent our school for the North Atlantic Regional competition Thanksgiving weekend in Philly. So we've been doing 2 extra practices every week since my ankle healed. I'm startign to think we're almost ready. Work is just ...work. I still love what I do, but my boss is a yes-man twat, and has surrounded himself with brown-nosers and people who's heads are so far up his ass they look like ring-neck pheasants.
MMA has been a big stress reliever for me. MMA went well tonight - lots of stand-up hand work and no ground-n-pound, but it was still a good evenings spar. After thanksgiving I'll be going more often - I'm going to enter in the Old-Timers wrestling tournament in Batavia in March (think wrestling tournament only for the over 30 crowd) so I've got to get ready for it. Fortunately one of our other students is a wrestling coach at a local HS, so I'll get quality coaching. Post ankle injury I'm back up to 220lbs, from a low of ~205; I'll need to get back to about 200 lbs. Weight classes on the fat-guy end are 195 and 220, so I'd rather be closer to the former and rely on speed and endurance, than closer to the latter and go out feeling slow and pudgy. ...here's hoping!
Also, our much loved moderator has revived the writing group that I was a part of last year. I'll be posting (and have already posted) short stories based on her prompts. Feel free to comment on what you read - I write because I like to, but criticism only makes me better at what I like doing.

Be well in this holiday season my friends, be well!
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(no subject)

So cold it was silver
350 words
Actual count 476
Monday, Nov. 9

For those who don't know, I'm part of a group who write. The mod of our l'il corner of the web postes 'seeds' (see above) and we write accordin to the prompt. We've been away for a while, but we got a new prompt last week. So I'm posting it here, as well as to the writers community. below and behind the cut are the story and a bit of my comentary on the prompt. Read if you so choose.

First seed in a while. This one kicked my ass, and did *not* want to be written. It started as fantasy, tried to be horror, tried to go noir, tried to be sci-fi, and finally went back to fantasy. And I'm actually not sure that I like it,or even that it's good. But I leave the judgement on that to you, the readers.

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slowly coming back

Well, the ankle (according to the doc and PT) is almost healed.  Still hurts if I move too fast, or too much, but at least I get to go back to work this week.  And in regards to that; I'm still waiting to see if my disability claim will be approved or denied.  Last week I got a call from the company that administers our claims, letting me know that my claim was goign to be denied 'because i wasn't off work long enough'.  WFT???  So I looked at my paperwork from the doc, and there were different dates on the two sets fo paperwork.  Lovely.  I'm hoping that their office can straighten this out - missing two weeks of work is bad; having to go without 2 weeks of pay will be that much worse.

However, the PT says that I can start to resume my normal activities this week.  So I can finally mow the lawn (it's been almost 3 weeks) and next week I'll start back to kung-fu.  Yay for being back to 'normal' (whatever *that* is)!

Oh, yeah, and my CD drive is dead, and it sounds like my sound card is going, too.  So much fun here :/
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