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Here we go again ...

So, here I sit, no real posts in several months. I'd promised myself regular posts, then when it didn't happen I told myself I'd at least post the interesting things. Oh, and btw, a big thank-you to dawntreader90 & thewhitedragon for putting us up (or is that putting up with us) on our yearly pilgrimage to MD (since I completely blew off my usual post on the happenings there). About the time we got back from that weekend, I began having problems with the schedule coordinator at work. Those of you with long memories may note that this occured at the last job as well (except that the schedule there was made by the boss). Now, I don't ask for much - a day here or there in most schedules: I'd prefer mondays off (the wife and I dance - class is that night), sometimes a particular weekend, and my off holidays OFF. Not much to ask, right? I've worked 9 of the last 10 mondays. we try to get out and see friends for celtic music nights on sunday (although I don't request them off, we're only supposed to work 48 hours of weekend time in a 6 week schedule block) - yeah, I've worked 8 of the last 10. So our Christmas schedule came out last week (posted 12/11, the schedule starts 12/21 - there's supposed to be a 3 week lead) and although I'm off Christmas (it's supposed to be a three day strech off: day before, day of, day after; if it's your holiday on, you work all three) I work the night of the 26th into the 27th. Yeah, there goes my trip home for the holiday. The best part was when I called the coordinator on it. His response? "well, somebody has to work it, we were short that night, so I moved you there. And I'm going to be on that night too, it's not like management is blowing this off."
Yeah, thanks you wanker, like seeing your stupid face is a consolation for not seeing family on MY HOLIDAY OFF. There are half a dozen new hires (the rule is new hires are supposed to fill holiday holes before other staff) off for the holiday, and then I get to come back and work what *is* my holiday on - New Years.

Now I have to call my family and explain that, even though I worked christmas last year, I'm not coming home this year either. Fuck.
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